Corrosion Preventive
Anti-Friction Coatings

Mol-C dry lubricant suitable for a wide range of uses and places

Mol-C Products

%30 reduction in friction and wear

Exceptional corrasion resistance

Lifetime Lubrication

Suitable with the harshest environment


Meet MOL-C

Mol-C is the general name of anti-friction coating products in the form of paint, consisting of inorganic or organic compounds, produced within the Nanografi. By forming a 5-20 micron thick film on the applied surface, it increases the surface smoothness and reduces friction and wear. The structure of the coating also varies according to the temperature and loads to which the surface to be applied is exposed.

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Benefits of MOL-C

Reduced maintenance costs, machines and equipment downtime and operating limitations are achieved by reducing wear, friction and excessive heat generation on components.


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